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May Goals

Well April didn’t go as played, I ran so badly at the $100NL tables I’ve been forced to move back down to $50NL 6max for a while until I rebuild. I’m mainly a fullring player so I’m going to buyin for 50bb’s at the 20-50bb tables for now until IRead More

My scoop plans

Just a quick update to let you guys know which scoop events I’m likely to be playing. Being a NLHE player my main play is going to be in those games, i did play the $109 plo turbo event last night but didn’t really have any luck with the cards.Read More

Final Day of the scoop

Today’s the final day of the spring championship of online poker, well the last day any event starts anyway, a couple are two day events.  It’s  my last chance to luckbox my way to a 6 figure day. I did pretty well in the $200 and $20 NLHE events, lastingRead More

Pokerstars New Ring Game Structure

On Thursday Pokerstars announced they would be changing the buy in structure for ring games and I couldn’t be happier with their decision. The long awaited announcement will be (in my opinion) good news for us small stakes players as Pokerstars are taking away the 20-50bb tables and replacing themRead More

Sometimes life gets in the way

I haven’t blogged for about two weeks now and the reason was because I didn’t really have anything to blog about. This month hasn’t been kind to me and a lot of things have gone wrong, mainly away from the tables. At the beginning of the month I picked upRead More

Moving upto $50NL and staying there.

I’ve decided it’s time I moved out of the micro’s and moved up to $50NL for good. I moved up to small stakes last year but ran several thousand dollars below EV which knocked my confidence and made me move back down to the micro’s where I felt comfortable. NowRead More

Time to grind

I’m back from my holidays and it’s time to grind again! Last week I just came back from my birthday holiday when my friend phoned me to inform me of the on going situation with the American players, I hadn’t been on any of the poker forums for over aRead More

The Scoop Begins

The Spring Championship of Online Poker begins in just over an hour and I’m pretty excited. Last year I managed to last over 5 hours in 3 of the NLHE events I played only to get unlucky when I had my tournament life on the line, only managing to cashRead More