Moving upto $50NL and staying there.

I’ve decided it’s time I moved out of the micro’s and moved up to $50NL for good. I moved up to small stakes last year but ran several thousand dollars below EV which knocked my confidence and made me move back down to the micro’s where I felt comfortable. Now it’s time to take a leap of faith, I’m sure I can beat $50NL fullring, I know my winrates on those tracking sites don’t suggest I’m capable but with EV adjusted I’m a 2bb/100 winner at $100NL. As of now though I’m going to stay at $50NL and grind for a while, I’m aiming for 300k vpps this year and would like to hit Supernova by the end of June. I’ll be looking to move back to $100NL by Oct/Nov time but first of all I need to build up my bankroll and improve my game further.

I’m traveling to my dads for a week in the morning for my birthday, it’ll be the first time I’ve traveled down for over a year so I’m looking forward to it, I’ll be introducing him to my girlfriend for the first time too, I can’t wait (not). It’ll be good to see him though, and my sister, maybe I’ll treat them both (: . On the way back we’re going to stop off at the theme park Alton Towers, I’ve never been before so it should be an experience, maybe I’ll take some pictures. It’ll likely be an expensive day out but fortunately my girlfriend being a nurse means she can get £18 off each ticket, that’s over half a buyin (: .

I should be back by Friday and then the grind begins, can’t wait.

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