Pokerstars New Ring Game Structure

On Thursday Pokerstars announced they would be changing the buy in structure for ring games and I couldn’t be happier with their decision. The long awaited announcement will be (in my opinion) good news for us small stakes players as Pokerstars are taking away the 20-50bb tables and replacing them with 20bb cap games at $50NL and above. This means that the once split player pool at $10-$25NL will now be made up of 40-100bb and 100-250bb tables as opposed to 20-50bb, 40-100bb and 100-250bb tables, the less the player pool is split up the easier it should be to sit at good tables, that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

The cap tables are already up and running for $50NL+ and on the 10th Pokerstars will begin to discontinue the 20-50bb tables.

At the beginning of last year I started out by moving up from $25NL to $100NL within the space of a couple of months, I was doing quite well at $100NL full ring winning around 6bb/100 over my first 25-30k hands whilst running a couple of hundred dollars below EV. Back then I was playing the 20-100bb tables with the short stackers so I could avoid playing against the good regulars, it was working and I thought I’d be comfortable at $100NL until the games were changed to 20-50bb, 40-100bb and 100-250bb, now I didn’t have the opportunity to be 100bb deep with the weak players in the 20-100bb tables and had to try and grind with the good regulars.

As soon as I started playing the new 40-100bb I went on a big (for me) downswing of $2000 with $1500 of that being below EV. With the games being tougher I tried to grind the 20-50bb tables for a while, that didn’t really work so I decided I had to move down to regrind my bankroll and that’s where I’m at today.

At the moment I’m trying to work on my 6max game a little, I realise 16+ 6max isn’t going to help me improve my game at the same time so for now I’m going to four table $50NL 6max in an attempt to improve so I’ll be able to beat the limit when I add more tables later on. I’m reading a tonne of 6max strategy at the moment and I’m watching loads of training video’s so hopefully I’ll take it all in and improve my results at the tables.

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