Final Day of the scoop

Today’s the final day of the spring championship of online poker, well the last day any event starts anyway, a couple are two day events.  It’s  my last chance to luckbox my way to a 6 figure day. I did pretty well in the $200 and $20 NLHE events, lasting over 4 hours in each, cashing in the $20 but unfortunately just missing out on the cash in the $200 (cashed the wrong one /:   ).  Today I’m in the $200 NlHE and $100 NLHE main event, hopefully I do well and make a decent run.

I’d like to make a shout out to my friend Jon (LUFCbas) spinks who managed to beat nearly 3k players in the scoop 25 $20 stud hi/low event for just over $9700. He also earns a pokerstars scoop watch for taking it down, soon to be found on eBay I’m sure.

You can find out how the action went down here….

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