My scoop plans

Just a quick update to let you guys know which scoop events I’m likely to be playing.

Being a NLHE player my main play is going to be in those games, i did play the $109 plo turbo event last night but didn’t really have any luck with the cards.

I’ll be playing another 4 events, all NlHE fullring (What I’m best at (: )

Those are…..

Scoop event 20 $22 buyin $500k gtd on the 9th of May

Scoop event 20 $215 buyin $2m gtd on the 9th of May

Scoop event 37 $215 buyin $750 gtd on the 16th of May

Scoop event 38: $109 buyin $1m gtd Main Event on the 16th of May

edit: playing scoop 38 instead of scoop 8 or 26

Hopefully I can luckbox one of those and score a 6fig day (:

Also like to make a shout out to my friend Jono (GAWA9) who finished 55th from 9632 in the $215 event 2 NLHE, he cashed for $2900 but will be pretty disapointed when first place was $280,000 lol.

All I can say is

Best of luck to you guys in the scoop events, maybe we’ll bump into each other on the final table (:

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