May Goals

Well April didn’t go as played, I ran so badly at the $100NL tables I’ve been forced to move back down to $50NL 6max for a while until I rebuild. I’m mainly a fullring player so I’m going to buyin for 50bb’s at the 20-50bb tables for now until I gain a little more experience. Due to how I ran in April missed out on my goals in April but I’m more determined than ever to exceed them in May.

The scoop starts on the 2nd of May and pokerstars have offered a 20% reload bonus upto $100 which should bring more players to the tables so I have those to look forward to too. I think I’m just going to play two $215s, two $109s and one of the smaller events, probably a $20 tournament. I’ll mainly look to play the fullring NLHE events but I quite fancy a go in one of the PLO tournaments for variety.

My goals for May are…

  • 120-150k hands at $50NL 6max
  • Maintain a positive winrate
  • Spend at least an hour a day to work on my game
  • Cash in at least one of the scoop events (:
  • Take my 3yo niece to the zoo

Good luck with your goals.

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