The Scoop Begins

The Spring Championship of Online Poker begins in just over an hour and I’m pretty excited. Last year I managed to last over 5 hours in 3 of the NLHE events I played only to get unlucky when I had my tournament life on the line, only managing to cash in a $22 event in the end, I did a bit better in the wcoop later in the year so this year I’m hoping for better things. Unfortunately life has been getting in the way of my opportunity to grind of late, this month our house is getting renovated and as a result I have to strip the walls of wallpaper and clear pretty much everything from my room. It’s pretty frustrating as all I want to do right now is grind hands, I want to play 8-10k hands a day every day but it’s just impossible right now and as the house won’t be finished until the end of the month I won’t be able to start grinding again properly until the beginning of June. Hopefully I can still get in 100k hands this month, I’ve only played a handful as of now but once the rewiring is finished next week it might be a little easier to play.

Due to whats happening this month I’m not too sure which scoop tournaments I’ll be playing this year, I’ll be starting with being the host of the scoop #1 $22 event later tonight and will probably play the $22 and $215 scoop events #2, tonight I’m not sure. NLHE is my strongest game so I’ll mainly play those with maybe a PLO tournament thrown in.

Best of luck to everyone who takes part in this years scoop, maybe I’ll see you at the final table ( more likely as a host (: )

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