Time to grind

I’m back from my holidays and it’s time to grind again!

Last week I just came back from my birthday holiday when my friend phoned me to inform me of the on going situation with the American players, I hadn’t been on any of the poker forums for over a week so I wasn’t up to date with what was happening in the poker world. As a consequence of losing the American players I’ve had to rethink my strategy of moving up. My playing hours tend to be from 5pm-5am gmt and with the loss of the Americans I think the games might be a little tougher than I hoped during the latter part of my daily play, therefore I’ve decided to stay at $25NL for a little longer whilst I build my bankroll and improve my game further so I have a better chance of succeeding against the tougher regulars at $50.

There’s 7 more days left this month and I’d like to play another 50k hands if possible, hopefully things go well.

If you haven’t heard it’ll be the last ever Turbo Takedown this month, Pokerstars are scrapping it for a all new quarterly fpp tournament, as of now I don’t know any details but will let you know more when the details are out.

The Spring Championship Of Online Poker starts next month, unfortunately it stars at the same time we’re having renovations to our house so I’m going to be all over the place, I’m looking to play some of the medium sized tournaments though so look out for me, I haven’t decided on which tournaments I’m playing yet but they’ll mostly compromise of NLHE. If you weren’t already aware Pokerstars are offering a 50% reload bonus up to $200 for the scoop, it’s the biggest reload bonus I can remember so be sure to take advantage.

Anyway I better start grinding if I want to get in those 50k hands, until next time good luck at the tables everyone.

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